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Tanya Swann

Tanya Swann
423-664-1900 (Office)
Tanya Swann and her soon to be husband Steve drove through Chattanooga on their way to Florida to get married and were taken by the natural beauty surrounding the city. A few months later, the couple chose Chattanooga as their new hometown and they have never looked back.

Tanya was the co-creator/owner of Little Piggies Kids Consignment and The Stock Exchange Consignment Sales for 10 years before becoming the director of operations and the chief marketing coordinator for Chattanooga Property Shop. Her love of Chattanooga comes from the transformation the city has experienced, along with the natural beauty that is accessible within minutes. Social media, live music, and hiking the local trails are her current hobbies. She and her husband have two teenage daughters which keep them very busy.

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